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nds for rural left-behind children in Gansu Province. The internationally-acclaimed pianist played works by Debussy's Ballade and ▓Chopin at the two-hour concert Sunday in the Hui autonomous prefecture of Linxia.Hun

▓dreds of local primary school students, many "left-behind" themselves, and entrepreneurs from across the country were in the audience.The term "left-behind" describes rural children whose parents are away fr▓om home, usually working in the cities, left in the ▓care usually of grandparents.The enterpreneurs d▓onated 6 million yuan (870,000 U.S. dollars) to public welfare projects for the children, including free music lessons.A▓t the end of the concert, Lang Lang ▓was presented with a painting by ch▓ildren from a Linxia primary school.The pianist ha▓s a history of donating instruments and textbooks to rural areas and helping to train music te▓achers."I want to support free music education, includin▓g piano classes, for these children in Linxia," h▓e said."We all know these children have a far more difficult life than their peers in more conventional fam

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ilies, but they are not daunted by these difficulties," said Lang Lang,He plans to continue his work and to do what he can to improve the lives of ▓such children around the country.China has 9.02 million ▓left-behind children, mostly in the underdeveloped central and western regions, according to a government census conducted last

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ed lions and ponies lie on the ground at a zoo in Gaza, Palestine, Jan. 3. These animals died of starvation. The zoo▓ owner says there is no money to spend on feeding the animals, and therefore many have starved to death.More galleriesChildren use dead animals as toys in Gaza zooPlease scan the QR Code to foll▓ow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on Wechat'+sli.text()+' Ch▓ildren eat Laba congee in north China's H

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